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Love With Lemons and Theresa Ann hopes to share her love of lemons and help more people and causes to come. Theresa Ann makes lemonade for donations. The first event was for the fallen officers families in Batton Rouge, Louisiana. On her 4th birthday, we did one for the LVMPD K9 doggies. To date, she has raised, with the help of the community, over $2100 dollars just from lemonade. Visit our website at www.LoveWithLemons.com.
Love with Lemons
Love with Lemons1 day ago
Please Remember to help Theresa ann to do her summer tour. We have lots planned. This summer Theresa ann for two weeks will be touring California going to different police stations handing out donuts and her famous Lemonade to officers.

Sacramento CHP plan on having her an honoree Cadet in their academy for a day. Los Angels Police department would like to take her up in their Helicopter and ride along with SWAT. We plan to stop in Modesto for the police and sherrif to thank them.

There is a MAJOR announcment I hope to make that Theresa ann is going to particpate along the trip. It a GIANT event that is showing appreciation to officers.

Please help her in honoring the officers with her famous lemonade and donuts.
Love with Lemons
Love with Lemons2 days ago
Woke up to this, another shooting death. Lots of family still live in Maine so they shared what was happening. Sad sad sad, can we go a day with out our men and women in blue making it home. We saw something were we already had 22 so far this year. Summer ismt here when more crime happens.
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