Mission Statement

Theresa Ann: Can we do a lemonade stand?

From Parents of Theresa Ann: We turned a lemonade stand that Theresa Ann saw on Disney channel into something bigger. She wanted to do a lemonade stand that she saw kids doing on Disney channel. We told her no, because traffic wasn't enough on our street. When the attack occurred on the Baton Rogue police officers, we thought that enough was enough. We needed to show our appreciation for them. We asked Theresa Ann, if we sell lemonade can police officers get it for free? Of course she said yes and the rest is history.

We have turned her love for lemonade into a teachable moment. On her birthday, we showed her that it is better to give than receive. She did a lemonade stand on her 4th birthday. Giving up her day and the money she raised for the police K9 doggies. Our goal is to have fun and give at same time. With her big heart she will continue to do the lemonade stand and help others. Our plan is to do one stand a month to help our community. May it be for our officers, children, or other special occasions, she wants to help. Our vision is to help others with one cup at a time.