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Love With Lemons and Theresa Ann hopes to share her love of lemons and help more people and causes to come. Theresa Ann makes lemonade for donations. The first event was for the fallen officers families in Batton Rouge, Louisiana. On her 4th birthday, we did one for the LVMPD K9 doggies. To date, she has raised, with the help of the community, over $2100 dollars just from lemonade. Visit our website at www.LoveWithLemons.com.
Love with Lemons
Love with Lemons11 hours ago
It Christmas time and Theifs are out there strong. We just had neighbors package stolen. Why it caught my eye is because i joked with my wife. We happend to be in the garage after I got ours and noticed he went to two other neighbors. The minute he left we saw a car we didn't know pull into the neighbors yard. So I got the camera and took a clear picture of licence plate. Two women police came out(theresa ann will be mad as she left with mommy, I did give them both a thank you card of hers) and took the report. Sad you can't trust packages being left at your house. Please have them delivered when home or at one of the USP shops or what ever service you use. I like Amazon for most of their stuff you don't know the drivers are drivers the other three services stick out with their big trucks.
Love with Lemons
Love with Lemons1 day ago
We had officer come to house. Looks like either CCSD or NLVPD not sure why either would come knocking. She isn't in Clark County School District Police Department she in charter shool. Anyone recognize or might know why they knocked? They never left note.

UPDATE talked to a follower who got me a phone number to call. Turns out it was the marshals. I think they looking for the former renter that lived here before we bought house. By accident Theresa opened mail a couple of months ago thinking it was our mail and turned out it was his and he was way way behind on child support. Think they were looking for him but they couldn't say on phone.
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